No visit to Madrid is complete without a day trip to Toledo, the stunning, historical city along the river Tajo.

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Less than an hour drive south of Madrid, Toledo should not be missed. In the winter it can be very cold here so the ideal time to visit is during the summer, when the temperature is always hot. Although it is now a place for tourists to come and see, five hundred years ago it was the bustling city center of Spain for centuries.

Given the honour of a World Heritage city, Toledo is as important as any other place in Spain and equally beautiful. The old city walls border Toledo and its winding, stone roads and picturesque buildings.

Toledo has been populated for thousands of years by almost every major empire to conquer what is now central Europe. Because of this there are remains of each dynasty sprinkled throughout the city.

When you are in this city you are truly in the middle of history. The city is famous for being the main place of co-existence for Jews, Christians and Muslims from seven hundred A.D. until fourteen hundred A.D. Many different religious monuments and buildings stood next to one another and people were free to practice whatever religion they wanted to.

During the 16 th Century it was home to the Spanish monarchy and was the capital city. Now, they city relies on tourism to keep running. There is a lot to do here but if you have a good plan it can be covered in a single day.

The first thing you see when entering Toledo is the Puerta Bisagra, the main entrance to the fortified city. When you pass through this gate you are actually passing through fifteen hundred years of history!

Alcazar is a spectacular castle, but was once a fortress and because of that has been rebuilt numerous times due to conflict and fires. There are many old cathedrals, mosques, synagogues and monasteries all over the city.

Other highlights include an assortment of interesting museums, a walk along the river Tajo and if you are lucky some amazing Fiestas.

Tours to Toledo from Madrid

  • Madrid & Toledo Combo Tour 1

    Toledo Morning Tour

    Just an hour drive away from Madrid, this is your choice for a day trip! Toledo was, without a doubt, the most important city of the Spanish Empire. It's beauty and historically importance led to the declaration as a World Heritage Site. Get picked up from your hotel in Madrid to start this journey and be amazed!

    Duration: 5h
    From: 47,00 Book Now
  • Toledo Half Day Tour 6res

    Toledo Full Day Tour

    Enjoy and explore the ancient monumental city of Toledo at its fullest with our awesome guides on this great full day tour from Madrid. The city's great wealth of monuments due to the rich history is purely amazing. Get picked up at your hotel in Madrid and start this lovely journey!

    Duration: 8h
    From: 63,00 Book Now
  • Toledo Card 1

    Toledo Card

    If you are travelling through the center of Spain, do not miss the chance to visit Toledo. Discover the rich cultural heritage and save time with preferential accesses. Pick your prefered card out of four different options for a customised trip!

    Duration: 24 hours
    From: 23,00 Book Now
  • Toledo At Your Own Pace 1

    Toledo At Your Own Pace Tour

    Get picked up at your hotel in Madrid and start your journey to Toledo. Comfortable Transfer with a professional guide back and forth + Exploring Toledo at your own pace!

    Duration: 5h
    From: 24,00 Book Now
  • Toledo Full Day Tour 3

    Toledo and El Escorial Day Tour

    Maybe the best day trip from Madrid! Enjoy the very best of El Escorial AND Toledo in one day. Both Cities are declared World Heritage Cities from the UNESCO for a reason. Get picked up at your hotel in Madrid and start this journey which covers all the important sights and monuments in both cities!

    Duration: 11h
    From: 93,00 Book Now
  • Toledo Half Day Tour 1

    Toledo Afternoon Tour

    Ever heard of Toledo? You should have! There is a reason why the absolutely astonishing city was decleared a World Heritage Site. It's great wealth of monuments due to the rich history is purely breathtaking. Book this tour NOW and get picked up right at your Hotel in Madrid to go on a day trip. You won't regret it!

    Duration: 5h
    From: 47,00 Book Now
  • Toledo Full Day Tour 3

    Madrid and Toledo Combo Tour

    This day tour provides you with the best of Madrid AND Toledo. In the morning you can admire Madrid's beauty first with a bus tour and than with a guided stroll along the narrow streets of the old city. After a lunch break our bus takes you to Toledo, with its old town beeing declared World Heritage City by the UNESCO.

    Duration: 9h
    From: 66,00 Book Now
  • Imperial Toledo 2

    Imperial Toledo and Winery Tour

    Beeing one of the oldest cities in Europe and providing some of the most famous works of El Greco, Toledo is always worth a visit. Go on this tour and get to see the best of Toledo in combination with a wine cellar visit to indulge some of the fine wines the region has to offer!

    Duration: 8h
    From: 98,00 Book Now